s2i Portolio

Exclusive portfolio assembled by experienced and qualified professionals, not available in the conventional market.

More than 2,000 satisfied customers


Products: Broad portfolio with international products linked to the most prestigious assets in the global market.

Security: International partners and regulated by the jurisdictions with the highest rating in the world.

Differentials: Accessibility to institutions and first-line products. Diversification and Patrimonial Protection.

Relationship: A team capable and available to offer an excellent relationship.

Support: Full support provided by S2i Partners.


Prime: Access to products from the best global insurance companies.

Future: Protect the most important people in your life.

Guarantee: Protect yourself financially against unforeseen life.

Personare: Individual planning based on family lifestyle.

Total Security: Protection against death, disability due to accident and illness


Products: Portfolio with the best options of global health insurance.

Usability: Comprehensive and unrestricted coverage of doctors and hospitals.

Price: Highest cost.

Differentials: Highly renowned and global presence companies.


Convenience: S2i Partners offers everything from the quotation process, account opening and registration in the local BC.

Attendance: Our staff was departmentalized with the objective of offering agility and efficiency.

Price: We offer good quotes due to our wide range of banks and exchange offices.

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